Being a Journalist Brought the Freedom of Diversity

As a new member to NAIWE, I’m excited about the opportunities ahead of me. For over two decades my journalist background has led me down a pathway of diversity that’s unleashed a freedom of expression beyond my imagination.

As a business writer and resume writer, I work personally and exclusively with businesses, C-level executives, students, educational administrators, and those seeking employment to create powerfully written marketing, job search and essay content that builds your brand, grows your revenue, and opens new employment opportunities. My clients achieve greater success in reaching the next level for their businesses, careers, and education.

If you’re having trouble writing about yourself or your organization, don’t worry.  I help you break down the big picture to emphasize your strengths and the benefits that enhance your appeal and reach your personal and professional goals. Whether it’s a C-suite portfolio, Linked In profile, resume, cover letter, business plan, sales letter, newsletter or other business or personal project, contact me for your professional resume and writing needs. My clients have successfully built start-ups, expanded their businesses, transitioned into new fields, and funded new projects that enhanced their offerings while contributing to local communities.

As a professional proofreader and copyeditor, I work with media services, publishers, and small businesses to review their content ensuring it’s perfect to project the professionalism they bring to their network and client base.

I never dreamed I’d be doing all that I do as a professional resume and freelance writer. But it all started as a journalist, publishing my first photo story a long while ago and focusing on serving others through powerfully written content and job search tools. Looking into the new year, I’m excited about how I’ll help others achieve personal, professional and corporate goals.

How has your writing career brought diversity and freedom? Did it lead you down the expected pathway or into different employment opportunities you never expected?